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Online Multiplayer Metaverse Space


Product Introduction


Personal Space Decoration

In MetaZoom, every user has their own personal space where they can decorate and arrange their room, personalize the displayed content, and invite others to their personal space.

Utilizing Public Spaces

Public spaces offer diverse functionalities, allowing users to hold meetings, set up exhibitions, host events, play games, and conduct live broadcasts. Users can fully engage with these interactive features.

Social Interaction

  • Spatial Voice: Users can have natural conversations with distance-based audio effects.

  • Text Chat: Supports one-on-one, group, and team chats.

  • Interactive Gestures: Users can perform various actions and use props for added fun.

Cross-Platform Access

  • The space is accessible on PC browsers, mobile devices, and VR headsets.

  • VR access offers enhanced experiences, allowing users to showcase dynamic body movements and gestures using VR headsets and controllers, or even full-body tracking suits for more realistic actions.

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