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Zoom into the Future of Interaction 

Your Gateway to Diverse VR Solutions, Where Creativity Meets Fun

ZoomGames Studio was founded in 2020, with a focus on the design and production ofinteractive entertainment products. Our core team boasts over a decade of experience intechnical product design and development, with expertise in internet products, VR/AR products,mobile games and mobile software development, receiving multiple international awards.



10 years of extensive design and development expertise.

VR / Mobile Game
We offer full-service game development, spanning from planning and 2D/3D modeling to animation and programming

VR Simulation
VR virtual simulation can accurately replicate real-world environments in a 1:1 ratio, achieving a digital twin effect

VR Training
Our VR Training Room creates custom virtual environments for practical training. It allows individuals and groups to engage in cost-effective, immersive sessions, enhancing efficiency

Metaverse products encompass functionalities for metaverse office spaces, meetings, NFT digital collectible showcases, concerts, product launches, and metaverse museums

Mobile App
We specialize in analyzing industry-specific requirements. Our services encompass product planning, application development, e-commerce, live streaming, training, and more

PC / Mobile Web
We offer official website design and development for both PC and mobile platforms, capable of meeting complex requirements


We are a company specializing in the development of interactive entertainment games. Since our establishment, we have successfully developed and launched dozens of games into the market


About ZoomGames Studio

Creating Fun Experiences For Your Brand Across The Globe.

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